2016 Riesling Museum

Riesling 2016


Following the brilliant 2015, mother nature provided a dramatic encore in producing another remarkable vintage in 2016.

The El Nino had started to throw its weight around, giving us consistently warm and dry conditions, but then, a counter punch to the rising drought: 90mm of rain in the last week of January.

Perfect timing and an undoubted blessing given the heat that was rolling down the line. The thermometer hit the mid-30s pretty regularly through February and March.

The grapes ripened at a steady clip but one key factor put a brake on their progress: the size of the crop. Not more bunches necessarily, but certainly more grapes per bunch.

Flavours developed beautifully while acids regally held their ground. To my palate the acid impact is perfectly balanced. A Riesling for lovers of the mythical minerality. It will be very long lived. 

12.4 Alc/Vol
7.7 g/L
3.8 g/L