“Here, where it’s warm by day and cool by night, we get more spice, more red fruit, more floral notes, some really lovely elegant dimensions.”

Tim Kirk

“I was always told, oh it's too cold in Canberra, you can't grow vines there

“Well I didn't believe that. And one or two other CSIRO scientists didn't believe it either.

“So, I looked around for a suitable block of land. And found some nice looking land in Murrumbateman. We bought it, and started planting vines back in 1971.

“It's almost like I'm dreaming. When we came to Australia in 1968, to think 50 odd years down the track there'd be this great wine industry here and I was there at the beginning, I couldn't have dreamt that.  If someone had told me that would happen I'd have said, 'don't be silly.'”

John Kirk

Some argue this is Australia's greatest red wine, it is certainly one of the greatest Shirazs

The Wall Street Journal