“Peppery and unafraid of its origins, this is simply gorgeous drinking”

The 2010 O’Riada Shiraz has been receiving some positive attention from online wine reviewers. We share with you here a couple of the best. Our thanks to Jeremy Pringle and Julian Coldrey for allowing us to re-blog.

2010 Clonakilla O’Riada Shiraz
Posted on December 12, 2011 by Jeremy Pringle

I love the angular elegance Tim Kirk brings to Shiraz. The Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier has priced itself out of my range but this O’Riada makes that fact a whole lot more bearable. There’s 5% Viognier in the mix here and it’s masterfully integrated into the whole.

The clarity of colour is echoed in the definition of flavours and aromas. A svelte palate where black cherries and berries, violets, bacon hock and spice wrap around each other without losing their individual identity. It moves nimbly and with purpose through its line finishing with slightly stalky tannin and altogether agreeable cool climate herbaceousness. Peppery and unafraid of its origins, this is simply gorgeous drinking. My thanks go to Julian Coldrey of Full Pour for sharing it with me. Excellent

Clonakilla O’Riada Shiraz 2010
Posted on December 9, 2011 by Julian Coldrey

You’ve got to love a Shiraz that looks like a Pinot.

And that’s the first impression of this wine; shockingly light in colour, lacking the density that regular drinkers of Australian Shiraz might easily take for granted. The fact that I could see light pass right through it in my glass had a profound effect on me. That a well-known producer might release a wine so flagrantly at odds with conventional expectations of this varietal made me feel all of a sudden that Australian Shiraz has come of age, that there’s legitimacy to the wide range of classic styles we produce, that we are, indeed, the true home of this chameleon-like grape. That’s a lot to pile on a single wine, let alone one that is effectively a second label. But as the shining, ruby-like liquid poured into my glass, I felt lucky to be able to enjoy such confidently different expressions of our great grape.

“An utterly satisfying wine and one that banishes all thought of cool climate Shiraz sitting anywhere near the stylistic sidelines in Australia”

There’s no disappointment here. A cursory sniff immediately establishes this wine’s cool climate credentials. Red fruits abound, but what strikes first is a cascade of pepper and spice, dried flowers and etched detail. I can understand why cool climate Shiraz challenges some drinkers, but there’s such pleasure in these perfumed aromatics, which seem closer to fine fragrance than to anything agricultural. Especially beguiling is a shake of dried herbs that darts in and out of what is a complex, constantly shifting aroma profile.

The palate is light to medium bodied, as the wine’s appearance and aroma suggest. A spiced attack leads to more expansive flavours on the middle palate, always focused but with greater range and more fully fruited. There’s a nice meatiness to the flavour profile too, and I would love to try this wine with some top quality snags or a juicy rack of lamb. Smoked herbs dominate the after palate before a detailed, savoury finish lingers on. Acid is bright and fine, tannins sandpaperish.

An utterly satisfying wine and one that banishes all thought of cool climate Shiraz sitting anywhere near the stylistic sidelines in Australia.

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