Bryan Martin

Wine and salume – a Bryan Martin special

Let’s talk about Kevin. A year ago, Bryan Martin, our resident winemaker, purchased two Berkshire piglets, Kev and Julia, with a plan.

Grow them on the autumn crops of windfallen apples from John Kirk’s beloved golden delicious crop, acorns from the first tree that he planted that gave the property its first name, Ballinderry, the place of oaks, and of course grape marc from our beautiful Shiraz, Riesling and Viognier grapes.

Unbeknownst to them the first to reach the target weight of 80kg was up for a change to their destiny.

Kevin, poor greedy, belligerent Kevin, got there first and is now hanging in our bottled wine cellar, the bunker, with its perfect climate of 15-16C and humidity of 60%.

Four different cuts of salume now represent the pig previously known as Kev: prosciutto, pancetta, coppa and guanciale.

And here he waits, as we do with many plans as the drying process continues.

Text: Bryan Martin
Photo: David Reist