“Ancient Country, Inspired Wines: the terroir and winemaking of the Canberra District wine region”

Clonakilla, along with fellow wine producers in the region, has been featured in a new mini-documentary made by Canberra’s own Emma Shaw.

Securing funding from Visit Canberra, Emma teamed up with the exceptional local filmmaker Sammy Hawker, and together they have produced a beautiful film on the Canberra District, its history, its people and of course, its wonderful wines.

Thank you Emma and Sammy for your hard work and commitment to bringing our stories to life.

“So silky, so satiny…stunning!”

Warm greetings to you in these challenging times.

In this the first week of Spring we are delighted to offer you the 2019 Syrah. I believe this to be a great Syrah, on par with the majestic 2018.

300 dozen were made. We don’t expect it to hang around long.

Typically on this first Tuesday of September we would be talking to you about the new vintage Shiraz Viognier, but as I’m sure you remember, smoke taint from catastrophic bushfires led to the grapes ending up on the vineyard floor rather than in the fermenters in 2020.

Regular programming will be restored with the release of the wild and wonderful 2021 Shiraz Viognier in September next year.

Warm regards,
Tim Kirk

2021 Riesling now available!

It is a joy and a relief to offer you our new release whites from the 2021 vintage.

A relief because, as you know, we lost our 2020 vintage to smoke damage. It feels great to have wine for our customers again!

A joy because the wines are beautiful.

In particular, I draw your attention the Riesling. 2021 was wondrously cool. The fine-boned acid structure and layers of citrus and floral perfume deliver a gorgeous drinking experience. It will age magnificently too.

“Leaps from the glass with wonder on its lips”

We’re thrilled to finally offer you the 2019 Shiraz Viognier.

We held off releasing this vintage for six months, an attempt to smooth over the large gap left by the loss of our 2020 vintage to smoke damage.

The 2021 vintage, ripening beautifully as I type these words, will be released as normal in September 2022.

From an exceptional year, the 2019 delivers waves of intense, pure fruit and a pitch perfect tannin structure. Sitting as it does among the greatest vintages, it will reward patient cellaring for many years.

Warm regards,

Tim Kirk

2018 Syrah now available!

We are thrilled to be releasing the 2018 Syrah today!

The 2018 Syrah, from a stellar vintage, is at least as good as any Syrah, or indeed any wine, we have ever made.

Here is what Huon Hooke had to say:

“The bouquet is spicy first, floral second, fruit driving it … wonderful complexity. The palate is medium-bodied and very elegant, stylish, polished and fluent…The palate length is extraordinary and seamless all the way…It’s deceptively easy to enjoy now, but a few years on it promises to bring even more to the table. Great now and even greater potential.” 98 points – Huon Hooke, The Real Review

Watch this short video about the Syrah and get a feel for the beautiful and distinctive site from which this wine is made.

The majestic 2018 Shiraz Viognier is released in magnum today.

The 2018 Ballinderry likewise is available now. The quality of the vintage shines in this wine too.

You’ll notice there is no 2019 Shiraz Viognier offered here. That wine will be released in March next year. (We’re stretching things out to help cover the loss of the 2020 vintage to smoke.)

Warm regards,